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Welcome to my Jazz Centrale!

I would like to help you with a professional Jazz Band in or vinyl DJ. For your wedding, party or business event. With more than 10 years of experience and 300 performances per year, we have quite some experience.

"Hello, and welcome to the Jazz Central! My company that I founded in 2002!

My name is Kars Veling, business leader and pianist of the Jazz Central. I am married, and proud father of four children. We live in Rotterdam - the city of daredevils and doers.

In 2002 I started with the set up of the Jazz Central. Meanwhile, I have developed the Jazz Centrale into a real one   specialist for jazz "entertainment" at parties, weddings and corporate events   The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and in the west of Germany.

In recent years I have built a large team of the best jazz professionals from the country. I regularly play in those teams as a pianist myself. Because what could be better than making people happy with live music of a really high level?

Every musician in my team is carefully selected by me for enthusiasm, charisma, reliability, character and, of course, musical quality. That way I can guarantee you that   some top musicians   come to you; really the best in the jazz world. Me and my teams are putting us- every performance again -for the full 100% in order to make your precious wedding, party or event successful and unforgettable.

Kars Veling

the Jazz Central
Chamber of Commerce number 24459289