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An all-time jazz classic: the jazz quartet with saxophone

Saxophone Jazz Quartet

One of the most beautiful and classical jazz line-ups , consisting of piano, double bass, drums and the immensely popular saxophone. Ideal for jazz classics such as "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck.


All our line-ups, including these, are COVID-19 proof. We can take care of our performance with at least 1,5 m distance!


Recommended line-up

piano + double bass + drums + saxophone

Check beschikbaarheid
Check beschikbaarheid

Corona proof! In the short term, passed on to the gentlemen of the Jazz central that our wedding would continue despite the Corona. Wasn't a problem. A drummer was also added to the requested trio of sax-keys-bass without effort, because we also wanted some Latin-Bossa Nova in addition to Jazz. Fantastic move! This jazz quartet played brilliantly all afternoon during our drinks, all the guests talked about it. They looked great in the sun too. Thanks to "De Jazz Centrale" had a phenomenal wedding, recommended to everyone.

Richard den exter


Great jazz band!

"De Jazz Centrale" was very professional in every way. Their performance was great, they created the atmosphere at our wedding ceremony. As well as in the field of communication (request for processing) everything was perfect. In short, a must for anyone looking for a Jazz band.

Mahtias Devis



Really very important! Listen to our demos with headphones or good speakers!

Kleine luidsprekers zoals van een smartphone, tablet of laptop kunnen onmogelijk de diepe rijke klank van de prachtige contrabas, sousafoon of tuba weergeven. Daarom is het zo belangrijk om met hoofdtelefoon of goede luidsprekers te luisteren! 

Note: chance of competing!

Draai uw telefoon naar liggend om de muziek in stereo te horen!

Video clip

Overzicht van het repertoire


The ultimate Jazz Band in

This is a line-up which is reminiscent of the very popular jazz quartets from the years '50 and' 60, such as by Dave Brubeck, Ben Webster, Miles Davis, and so on. Not so crazy that this one line-up much to the imagination speaks of many our customers, and therefore also of your guests!

Volume: from background to foreground

With this line-up we can provide background music as well as come to the fore. You must realize that a saxophone is by nature a louder instrument. Yet we can also do this line-up - if necessary - play softly. At the same time, if the situation permits, we can be quite present.

From beautiful jazz ballads to funky jazz

Met het jazz quartet kunnen we een breed scala aan stijlen spelen: van prachtige romantische jazz ballads (zoals bekend van Ben Webster bijvoorbeeld), maar ook bekende super funky jazz in de stijl van Herbie Hancock (Watermelonman, Cantaloupe Island). En daartussenin spelen we natuurlijk gewoon lekkere authentieke jazz, zoals u die kent van de platen van Miles Davis. En ook latin jazz en calypso's (Sonny Rollins) kunnen we erin verwerken!

In short, with this one line-up our variation options are without doubt the greatest! That is why this is line-up for example, very suitable for wedding parties and larger corporate events.

Why "De Jazz Centrale"?

  • More than 300 gigs per year
  • A team of enthusiastic professionals
  • Kars carefully selected all musicians
  • Always music on background volume
  • We play throughout the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Well-dressed musicians
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • We provide equipment and instruments
  • 100% certainty, because full backup in case of illness

How does "De Jazz Centrale" work?

Our team consists of more than 200 professional jazz musicians who belong to the absolute top.

Jazz is a musical world language. We speak it fluently and can therefore perform in all possible line-ups!

Laat u adviseren door Kars, jazzpianist en founder van de Jazz Centrale!


You will enjoy ...

Looking for a great band for the musical opening of our wedding, we ended up at "De Jazz Centrale" . The previews on their site were promising and "live" our expectations were more than met. Among the guests were a number of "lovers of the genre" who have been playing the piano and sax for decades. Appreciation everywhere. With flair, humor and passion they substantiate their performance, they are very professional ... Highly recommended ... you will enjoy ...

Philippe willigems


Everything was taken care of

Everything was taken care of! What appealed to us most was being able to act and schedule quickly. The saxophonist was super added value for the whole. We are already looking for a reason for the next party!

Omer suna

Business event

Had a fantastic party

Had a fantastic party with good jazz and beautiful singing. I hope to do it again and certainly with the same people. Thank you.

John Gerrits


Sounded like a dike

We greatly enjoyed the Jazz Quartet! Sounded like a dike say! As far as we are concerned, everything was satisfactory and satisfactory and, in view of the many positive reactions, the guests agreed with this. Thank you very much for everything and for your wish for a lot of jazz fun and success!

Jeanet hooijjer


Let Kars advise you!

"As a professional jazz musician and founder of "De Jazz Centrale" I am able to advise you like no other, based on real practical experience. With more than 10 years of experience and many hundreds of performances at receptions, weddings and corporate events, I've experienced everything, so I'm happy to advise you from my broad experience.

Call me directly +31 6 24 75 29 71. Or send me here a whatsapp"