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The allround jazz duo - our most booked line-up. Can be used anywhere with our electronic piano!

The swinging piano jazz duo

A compact jazz band consisting of piano and double bass. Modest volume and yet the atmosphere of a live jazz band. Our most booked line-up !


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Suitable advice

We have been well helped by the Jazz center. Suitable advice on what we were looking for for our wedding and a fantastic performance. It was a successful evening.



We enjoyed the music and we also received very nice and positive comments from our guests. So a successful performance by the Jazz Duo!

Christiaan moes

Watch and listen

Really very important! Listen to our demos with headphones or good speakers!

Small speakers such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop can not possibly display the deep rich sound of the beautiful double bass, sousaphone or tuba. That is why it is so important to listen with headphones or good speakers!  

Be careful: risk of rhythmic moving! 


Note: press first on to start the music.

Video clip

Overview of the repertoire


The most popular line-up at the Jazz Centrale

This jazz duo is without a doubt the most popular line-up at the Jazz Centrale! Whether for private parties or corporate events, the deployment of this jazz duo is very suitable for any occasion. Due to the compact dimensions, the friendly rate and the modest volume, many hundreds of customers have already enjoyed the atmosphere that this jazz duo creates.

An economical choice

Do you have a limited budget, but do you want the charm of live jazz? Then the choice for one of the jazz duos is a very sensible one. You can still enjoy real authentic jazz, brought by enthusiastic professional jazz musicians.

Very pleasant volume

This jazz duo with double bass and piano is very compact and brings a cozy, intimate atmosphere with it. The timbre of our music in this line-up is very mild and at a particularly pleasant volume. We play a pleasant mix of beautiful ballads, swinging jazz, mixed with romantic bossa nova and cheerful sambas.

Because the volume is so limited, you can use a jazz duo for small-scale dinners with your company, intimate wedding dinners or business meetings where the soft volume is very important.

Compact dimensions

If there is little space available for the band, then a jazz duo can almost always play. With this Piano Duo we can already perform on an area of ​​2 at 2 m2. And because the volume is so limited, it is not necessary that there are some meters between the band and the audience. Your guests will still be able to understand each other - even close to the band.

Why the Jazz Centrale?

  • More than 300 gigs per year
  • A team of enthusiastic professionals
  • Kars carefully selected all musicians
  • Always volume on background music
  • We play throughout the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Well-dressed clothing
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • We provide equipment and instruments
  • 100% certainty that we actually come


Thank you for the gig! We have enjoyed your performance and have received nice reactions from our guests.

Florien van der windt

Great class

Both the couple and myself were very satisfied with your presence and the atmospheric music that you performed. There were also good reactions from the guests. It is precisely the subtle, warm sound that does not force you in, but that creates the right atmosphere and swinging note, makes everything at such a reception true. That is a big class.

Afterwards hemming

Very positive

With this I want to thank your team for the performance on 10. Everyone very enthusiastic about the performance of the Jazz Duo! I hope the duo enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

Irinde Peters - Winkelman and Van Hessen

We enjoyed it

We got a lot of positive reactions at the party and people called it specifically the music. People were very enthusiastic about it. The music was also exactly as I had imagined it. Beautiful atmospheric jazz music that does not drown out the normal conversation. We enjoyed it. The booking process was special for me because we actually handled it by telephone after registration via the website. We appreciated that personal approach with advice and suggestions.


Selected alternatives

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Let Kars advise you!

"As a professional jazz musician and founder of the Jazz Centrale I am able to advise you like no other, based on real practical experience. With more than 10 years of experience and many hundreds of performances at receptions, weddings and business events, I have everything have already experienced it once, so I am happy to advise you from my broad experience.

Call me directly +31 6 24 75 29 71. Or send me here a whatsapp"