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Fair rates and the best value for money

With our quality and experience we can not (and don't want to) be the cheapest jazzband - you can find those on the many collection sites through Google. But we are not the most expensive either - for that you can find full-service event agencies. 

What we offer you is the best value for money. Honest advice from real fulltime musicians, absolute certainty and fantastic jazzprofessionals for honest rates. 

Advice from real jazz-specialists

'We distinguish ourselves with our advice based on real experience. Therefore I will gladly call or send you a message. Would you rather call yourself? Of course that is possible.  

Call me on  +31 6 24 75 29 71 or send me a  Whatsapp message.'

Business owner and pianist

Our rates and advice are always custom made. 
Through Whatsapp or by telephone we are happy to tell you more. 

Call us yourself? You can do that on +31 6 24 75 29 71 or send a Whatsapp

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