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What our customers write ...

Coronaproof! Op korte termijn aan de heren van de Jazz centrale doorgegeven dat onze bruiloft, ondanks de Corona, toch door zou gaan. Was geen enkel probleem. Zonder moeite werd aan het gevraagde trio sax-toetsen-bas ook nog een drummer toegevoegd, omdat we naast de Jazz ook wat Latin-Bossa Nova wilden. Fantastische zet! Dit jazz kwartet heeft de hele middag schitterend gespeeld tijdens onze borrel, alle gasten spraken erover. In het zonnetje buiten zagen ze er ook nog goed uit. Dankzij de Jazz Centrale een fenomenale bruiloft gehad, aanrader voor iedereen.

Richard den Exter


Een schot in de roos!

Wat een sfeer, deze mannen maken niet alleen hun muzikale belofte waar, maar voelen ook precies de juiste sfeer aan die nodig is om het feest compleet te maken. Het verrassingsoptreden (Piano en Bas) voor de 90e verjaardag van mijn jazzverslaafde vader was voor hem en mij onvergetelijk! Ik beveel het team van Kars iedereen van harte aan en ga hen bij een volgend gelegenheid zeker opnieuw uitnodigen!

Edwin van Kempen

A great choice

For a grand dinner with "Great Gatsby" theme we were looking for a suitable musical setting. We found that at the Jazz Central . After clear consultation and advice, we decided to book singer Mylene and 5 musicians. A great choice! Mylene and band have an inexhaustible repertoire, feel the atmosphere and moments well, and can really do everything. From background music to making a party, in this case a "Great Gatsby party", they can do it. Mylene and the accompanying musicians are all race musicians and quickly adapt to the moments. Great for host and hostess because they arrange it all themselves. An excellent, pleasant and extraordinary musical setting for all guests. The Jazz Central can offer much more, everything is possible, on to the next party!

Aad cooper


Very successful!

Four man dixieland band played at a buyers event with us. Was very successful.

Linda van Asselt

Nijhuis bouw bv

Business event

Absolute approach

An absolute must. Professional and good-natured musicians who integrate perfectly into the atmosphere of the event. Correct advice in advance and flawless execution on the day itself. Tastes for more.

Chris Vanhee


Real professionals who create the right atmosphere with their swinging music

The Jazz Central took care of the music during reception and dinner at our wedding. Super professional artists, play well, everything else according to agreement. Really good value for money. Can heartily recommend them. I had contacted Kars in advance about advice for which line-up , all very pleasant.

Bart van den Tol


Very good quality

Kars and his band were the perfect setting for a very successful evening. Band was right on time. Noiseless set up. Delicious easy listening jazz followed by a sultry Bossanova evening. Very good quality and all very stylish. Highly recommended.



Incredibly grateful

I'm incredibly grateful to Kars and his band for making our evening incredibly special - our dinners guests were amazed by the performance and the professionalism of the band. Our honored guest was extremely pleased to hear his favorite songs being performed live especially for him. The overall experience from the first contact with Kars to evening of the performance was great. Thank you so much!


Institute for Sound and Vision

Business event

Greatly appreciated!

The music was greatly appreciated by our guests, it was therefore a good choice and especially a good performance of the pieces of music that you had chosen. At our first "meeting" we have already been able to value you, so we immediately thought of you for this occasion. You were also very impressed by those responsible for the restaurant. We have therefore allowed ourselves to send them the link to your website.

Dietlinde van den driessche

Kapellmann and Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

Business event

Nice atmospheric jazz music by very professional musicians!

We had a nice evening and the music certainly contributed to that! We also heard that from our guests. Thank you for your efforts and maybe until next time!

Gerard and Riet de Jager


Good volume

The jazz trio played at our wedding. They played from the arrival of the first guests to the departure of the last guest at the reception. The volume was good, being background music. They played outside and the amplifiers were inside.

Marina & Bas


Great music

Nice, warm and quiet music that perfectly matched the atmosphere of the reception of our wedding.



Sold immediately

Lisanne and I were looking for a good jazz band with a Latin touch for a long time. We were therefore delighted to be against it the Jazz Central and were immediately sold when we heard the beautiful sounds of Bossa Nova in their repertoire. The performance more than lived up to expectations. It is a shame that we were unable to enjoy it even more because of all the conversations at our wedding. I would book them again soon!

Kyang and Lisanne


Great jazz band!

The Jazz Central was very professional in every way. Their performance was great, they created the atmosphere at our wedding ceremony. As well as in the field of communication (request for processing) everything was perfect. In short, a must for anyone looking for a Jazz band.

Mahtias Devis


You were fantastic

You were fantastic - it finished the party! Very sympathetic colleagues - nice setting. We really enjoyed the music, even the real music lovers among us were impressed. Thank you!


Business event

A big success

The Jazz DJ was a great success. The atmosphere felt good and played great diversity in jazz music. Not only the music was well organized, the organization around it is great. Switch quickly and easily. Compliment to Jazz Centrale and the DJ!

Joost baker


You will enjoy ...

Looking for a great band for the musical opening of our wedding, we ended up at the Jazz Central . The previews on their site were promising and "live" our expectations were more than met. Among the guests were a number of "lovers of the genre" who have been playing the piano and sax for decades. Appreciation everywhere. With flair, humor and passion they substantiate their performance, they are very professional ... Highly recommended ... you will enjoy ...

Philippe willigems


Very professional

From booking to guiding orchestra's choice Jazz Central very professional. Nice to work together in this way to have a great orchestra and a successful party as a result! Continue like this.

Laurence asensio

Communion party

Warmly recommended

This is the second time I am organizing a company party with life music from “ Jazz Central " The first it was a Jazz quartet with Bossa Nova singer Agnes and this time it was a Jazz quartet with Jazz Singer SaraLee. Both were equally great. Warmly recommended not only for quality of the music but also for the smoothness of the organization.

Stephane carlier


Business event

Above expectations!

Communication went smoothly from the first contact. The Jazz Central understood exactly what we had in mind for our party and thought about the evening. The final implementation was above expectations! Pianist played fantastic on our own piano, drummer and double bass played great together, singer sang flawlessly.

Alexandra knife


Everything was taken care of

Everything was taken care of! What appealed to us most was being able to act and schedule quickly. The saxophonist was super added value for the whole. We are already looking for a reason for the next party!

Omer suna


Business event

Had a fantastic party

Had a fantastic party with good jazz and beautiful vocals. I hope to do it again and certainly with the same people. Thanks.

John gerrits


Perfect organization

It was a fantastic evening. the music was perfect for the event. we all enjoyed the jazz. the three musicians were great. thank you very much for the perfect organization.

Dr. Shank

Other events and parties

What a nice band

We searched for live music for the ceremony and for the food. The jazz center did exactly what we wanted. The music was great and it only really stood out when it was gone. We have received many compliments from guests. "What a nice band!" we were told a lot and we totally agree!

Maaike and Fabian


What a good bunch of musicians

30 June we had a fantastic party because of our 40 anniversary. Everything was right: the location, the weather, the food, the people and the music. What a good set of musicians you sent, we received compliments from all sides. Good music, but not only that, they came, looked for a good place, built up quietly without anyone noticing and started playing. Nothing busy or busy, just play at just the right volume. Thank you, the music has certainly contributed to a successful party.

Family Clay

Wedding anniversary

Suitable advice

We have been well helped by the Jazz center. Suitable advice on what we were looking for for our wedding and a fantastic performance. It was a successful evening.



Thoroughly enjoyed the great performance of the Live Lounge Project.

Thoroughly enjoyed the great performance of the Live Lounge Project. Really something else !! Absolutely recommended! Clear and personal approach of the Jazz Central during the booking process.



Very good and atmospheric

Everything was very satisfactory and a great success! The men played top, sounded very good and atmospheric! Our client was also very satisfied.

Blackbird Hartog

Benecke event organization

Business event

A huge amount of atmosphere

You have given the reception a lot of atmosphere with your performance. I have only heard positive reactions and several people wanted to know your email address (including the staff of the observatory). Thank you for making this drizzly day a holiday with your performance. We enjoyed it.

Marike stadermann



Your performance was fine! I found it a pity that the music outside was not good to hear and therefore you got less attention than what I wanted. Luckily that got better later in the evening and there was even dancing.

Show man


Great frame

It was a bit exciting for us because we unfortunately did not have the opportunity to see you in action earlier than Saturday, but that tension fell away very quickly. It was a great setting of what was a great evening for us. As far as I am concerned, the right tone has been reached, not too heavy, not too light. Even the non-jazz enthusiasts among our guests enjoyed it very much. I would therefore have no difficulty in recommending you to others.

Hans hut

Other events and parties

To never forget

Thank you very much for the good care. It all went well. We have had a party that we can look back on, and partly because of the music it is something that has never been forgotten. I will not forget your name for the future. I sometimes organize more often with my company.

Pieter van den Berg

Other events and parties

Particularly enjoyed

We and our guests particularly enjoyed your performance. I myself but also the other musicians among our guests were impressed by the quality of your game but also your enthusiasm is experienced as very positive. You have responded magnificently to our needs and contributed significantly to the success of our party. Next time we hope that you can be part of the party again!

Rogier verbeek

Wedding anniversary

As a very positive experience

Everything has been to your liking. It was experienced as very positive by those present, so I will keep you in mind, and also from the alumni association. Who knows, goodbye! Good luck further.

Rick of diepen

Almumni Association of the Marketing Association

Other events and parties

Pleasure to listen to

Thanks to you, our evening was absolutely perfect! Everyone enjoyed it very much and complimented us many times with the great sales meeting and outings. I say, it certainly was worth repeating! So who knows, we'll see you back in the future. Good luck with the band, you are a joy to listen to! Das is one thing that is certain.

Heleen Bream


Business event

Absolutely great!

It was absolutely fantastic! Thank you too.

Diederick greup



We have enjoyed the performance of the Jazz Central on our wedding day in Parkzicht and have heard from many people that they liked it very much that you played during the drinks. Hopefully you also succeeded. Again thanks a lot!

Oscar and Sabine Van Bergen Walraven


A crazy night

You were a success last Wednesday !! And thank you for your flexibility. Everyone was very enthusiastic and thanks to you it was a great evening.

Simone of erase

Freshfields bruckhaus deringer llp

Business event

Absolutely a great success

Thank you for playing at the Haringparty. It was absolutely a great success! Everything has been to your liking and we will certainly keep you in mind for the future.

Jet hog habitation

Other events and parties

Warmly recommended

The evening was a great success and that is partly due to the fantastic performance of the trio. The passion and professionalism that the musicians radiated matched seamlessly with the experience we wanted to give our guests. I will certainly keep you in mind for future events and will warmly recommend you to colleagues.

Richard bannisseht

Other events and parties

Fantastic wedding party

Thanks to you we have enjoyed a fantastic wedding party. Thanks!

Adriaan and Carola Baan


Everything was as desired

Everything was as desired and everyone enjoyed it!

Erwin pieterson


Business event

Very successful

Thank you for your performance (and the quick arrangement of it), we found it very successful.

Michel gadron


Totally to your liking

Everything went according to plan and if we were to need a Jazz Band in again in the future we will certainly think of you.

Lotte of paws


Business event

Totally satisfied

Completely satisfied, was a nice evening. Thanks!

Yvonne the Flemish

Inisi bv

Other events and parties

Many positive reactions received

Thank you very much for the gig! The music on arrival provided an excellent atmosphere. We have received a lot of positive reactions.

Joost okken



You were great, we received a lot of positive reactions. Hereby our thanks to you.

Remco and Melanie Landman

Other events and parties

Enjoyed a lot

We enjoyed it immensely!

Paul tulling


Very liked

It is very nice! The guests also enjoyed it (while not everyone likes jazz).

Bas and Anne


Wonderful music, played excellently

[...] Wonderful music, played excellently and exactly how we had in mind. [...] We also received many compliments from our guests for the combo. [...] One of the guests told me that the combo did not really stand until they had a break. [...] Incidentally, there were also friends who were active in music and who also appreciated the quality of the game.

Andre and Ester


Beautiful evening

Thanks for the performance last Saturday! Music was perfect! Good that you decided to go out and play there. The public has appreciated this. [...] All in all a festive contribution to a beautiful evening. Thanks also to the other band members!

John paans

Other events and parties

Very satisfied

We had a truly fantastic wedding on 18! We enjoyed every moment. We were very satisfied with your input and have already understood from several people that they loved the musical setting of our party. We therefore join in and we thank you again for your musical contribution.

Bastiaan and Laura Postma


It fit exactly!

We were very satisfied with your performance. It suited the party exactly! Many thanks!

Saskia Nuyten and Bart van Kasteren


Expertly framed

I apologize for not having previously reported back our appreciation for the trio, because it is big. The Trio has our evening very pleasant and expertly framed. Thank you very much for that. I would certainly recommend the Trio - as requested.

Hans hut

Other events and parties

All went well

It all went well. The increase in volume and presence in the three sessions went well. The musicians were nice people and flexible in completing the 3 sessions. We (and also the guests) enjoyed the music.

Niko moerman


A success

Not only the jazz trio but the whole day was a success as far as we are concerned.

Martijn niessen


Sounded like a dike

We greatly enjoyed the Jazz Quartet! Sounded like a dike say! As far as we are concerned, everything was satisfactory and satisfactory and, in view of the many positive reactions, the guests agreed with this. Thank you very much for everything and for your wish for a lot of jazz fun and success!

Jeanet hooijjer


Many positive reactions

It was a great day, thanks to your contribution. [...] Of many guests we have had positive reactions about your music [...] I will certainly recommend you to other people if they are looking for a similar musical support.

Mischa and Susanne Falger



We enjoyed the music and we also received very nice and positive comments from our guests. So a successful performance by the Jazz Duo!

Christiaan moes


Really fantastic

I would like to thank the jazz trio very much for the great tidying up of my wife's birthday party in Mechelen. We had a lot of musicians who were all very impressed. It was really fantastic to have you there. Highly recommended!!!

Free matthijs


More than you want

Everything was more than desired. We have enjoyed and as said I hope to contact again next year with hopefully a beautiful wing. Thank you for the musical touch of yours on this special evening.

Diane veeneman


Everyone enjoyed it

It has been more than great. Everyone enjoyed it and they are also very nice men. Thanks for everything!

Nora of diets

Business event

Everyone was full of praise

It has been more than satisfactory and your contribution has been essential. Everyone I spoke yesterday and today is full of praise for you. So once again my thanks for you and the other band members. Where we need music again in the future, we are sure to find you. Too bad that beautiful moments also have an end.



Great performance

It was a great performance that fully met the purpose of the meeting.

Karin van oort

Other events and parties

Beautifully sung

We thought the music was great, beautifully sung. The effort you made in the very short term has contributed to making it an unforgettable day for us! On a subsequent occasion we will certainly use your services again.

Stan and Annemiek Pieterse


Exactly right

We wanted to thank you for your great musical contribution last Saturday. My brother was very pleasantly surprised, especially because he himself is a keyboard player. And the music was just right in style and volume.

Aimee kwee

Other events and parties

Beautiful music

With this we would like to thank you again for the beautiful music during the Maserati Winter Fair. Everyone thought it was fantastic and we have already passed on your details to different people.

Laurent the backer

Maserati west europe

Business event

It was perfect!

It was a fantastic day! The bride and groom and the rest thoroughly enjoyed the music, it was perfect!

Mirthe van der valk


It was completely right

Thank you for your performance at our wedding. With your delicious music the atmosphere was created that we had created for our festive drinks. It was completely right. We had a wonderful evening. Many of our guests have received many positive comments on the pleasant evening and that can be translated into a compliment for you.

Maaike and Desmond de Vries


Enjoyed a lot

We enjoyed it immensely! The music certainly lived up to our expectations. I am glad that I have chosen you. And that it has worked out so well. Without ever meeting you, without having heard the music beforehand (other than on the site), the performance was as expected. I can recommend it to others in this way to book you. Friendly (telephone) contact.

Vivian highland

Other events and parties

We had a great evening, thanks to you. the Jazz Central was a good start of the evening, especially for the older guests, as far as I was concerned you could have played for another hour! If we give another party, I know where to find you. Thank you so much!

Job and Chris Samsom


Very successful

We found the performance very successful. We found it a pleasant cooperation and perhaps until a next time.

Daniella the young

Bombardier aerospace shipyard

Other events and parties

Very satisfied

We have experienced your performance as a nice addition to our drink! It was just right in terms of volume. The music choice was also to our liking. We are also very satisfied with all organizational aspects prior to the performance. We would like to recommend you to others and we ourselves could have a party ...

Jan-Willem and Marije Koelman


Totally awesome

[...] What I have received and heard from others so far is that they have loved you. And I even heard some rumors that in the end the feet went off the floor. :-D

Dennis basket



Thank you for the gig! We have enjoyed your performance and have received nice reactions from our guests.

Florien van der windt


Perfect in one word

Everything went as desired, just as we had in mind. Perfect in one word.

Wanda van der heijden


Enjoyed a lot

We greatly enjoyed this trio. Music was great and also their appearance. People from other organizations also came to the music to enjoy. Dealings / contacts with the men were very pleasant. Everything was possible and not too much trouble. Super done, keep it up!

Vidya gangaram


Business event


The evening was perfect, as was your music! i was thrilled. thankyou again!

Louise Charie and Smith Williamson

Other events and parties

Great class

Both the couple and myself were very satisfied with your presence and the atmospheric music that you performed. There were also good reactions from the guests. It is precisely the subtle, warm sound that does not force you in, but that creates the right atmosphere and swinging note, makes everything at such a reception true. That is a big class.

Afterwards hemming


Very professional

We still enjoy a very nice party! We also get compliments about singing and music! The communication between us and you was very professional and clear. Many thanks for your great performance, and we now know where we can book you!

Diederik and Yvonne van der Mieden


Very positive

With this I want to thank your team for the performance on 10. Everyone very enthusiastic about the performance of the Jazz Duo! I hope the duo enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

Irinde Peters - Winkelman and Van Hessen

World forum

Business event

Highly recommended

[...] The music was great and all our guests enjoyed it. Your musical contribution has certainly helped to make our wedding party a huge success. [...] At least with this our appreciation and thanks and we will be the Rotterdams Jazz Trio definitely warmly recommend.

Henk and Marjolein Borsje


Very positive

Everyone was very positive about your performance. Would thus be able to get a sequel in the future. Everything else well organized.

Henk nut

Batavia Haven Lelystad Foundation

Other events and parties

We enjoyed it

We got a lot of positive reactions at the party and people called it specifically the music. People were very enthusiastic about it. The music was also exactly as I had imagined it. Beautiful atmospheric jazz music that does not drown out the normal conversation. We enjoyed it. The booking process was special for me because we actually handled it by telephone after registration via the website. We appreciated that personal approach with advice and suggestions.



Very satisfied

Recently I have an evaluation of the day and the preparations with the other party. From this it emerged that we are very satisfied with your performance. There are, in my opinion, no things that can be done differently or better. I also found it pleasant that the communication was fast and clear. I quickly got an email back and you called immediately after it. Even though I was a little late, there was still a lot possible. You have also contributed to achieving my budget, you have also been flexible in this. On the day itself I found it very nice that you were present so early and also played to the end. The music was very good and connected well with the atmosphere. I have experienced the cooperation as good and will think of you when we need a jazz combo.

Selina Springfleam


Other events and parties

Added value for successful event

We enjoyed the performance. Although there were a lot of guests present, it was very noisy and many people could be found on the terrace, it was very nice to have a nice tune in the background. So was very successful. I very much appreciated that such a musical trio could be arranged in such a short time, which certainly added value for the successful event.

Kim van der vat


Business event

Highly recommended

The booking was friendly and smooth. [...] Furthermore, the repertoire was fine, highly recommended at the drinks as planned.

Ruth wachelder



We and our guests have enjoyed the performance! Thanks again for the punctual and correct way of working!

Arn and Els Bogaert

Other events and parties

Many compliments received

The performance was entirely in line with expectations and even a bit more! We really enjoyed your performance, it was great to do the openins dance and unexpectedly also the last dance :-) We have also received compliments from many guests for our choice of the Rotterdam Jazz Trio . They mainly complimented on the fact that it was possible to dance, but also to have a conversation.

Gert the bruijn


Complete success

The event was a complete success and the Jazz Band in was very much enjoyed. many thanks.

Sarah lawson

Hartwilcox London

Other events and parties

Tasty listening music

First, thank you very much for supporting our anniversary musically. As I told you during dinner, your music perfectly matched the matter. Tasty listening music that does not predominate and makes it possible to have a conversation with someone. During and after the party I received many positive comments about your presence and was asked several times for your website etc. I hope that you have some future performances to this! Do not actually experience any difficulties. The booking process was very clear and the contact was nice! On the day itself everything went according to agreement and, as I said before, everyone was very satisfied!

Jeroen wirz

Railtech BV

Business event

Great success

The party last Saturday was a great success and that is largely due to you. We have received a lot of nice comments. Thanks again for that. As far as the organization is concerned, that went well for us.



Exactly right

Picture frame is the right word, as it is also experienced. Not insignificant, not dominant, just right. You were there, and it sounded perfect. You certainly contributed to the atmosphere. The booking process, our contact, the performance, it was all to your liking.

Inez the white


Business event

Very satisfied

The performance on Thursday was fun! Our guests also liked that. In short, we are very satisfied, also about the booking process.

Joyce wagter

Verdonck, Klooster & Associates

Business event

Many positive reactions

Thanks again for your pleasant performance. We have had many positive reactions from our guests, so thanks to e it was a very successful evening.

Ronald and Marie-Roos Rijnbout


Very satisfied

The customer was very satisfied and had a wonderful day!

Ilse wierckx

Paul klunder events

Other events and parties

Loving comments

Dear Kars, we would like to thank you for the musical accompaniment of our walking dinner during the wedding party. We have unfortunately not been able to watch and listen to the different songs, but you have played great. We received many positive comments from the guests. Thank you very much for your contribution to make this a memorable party for us!

Chantal and Jan Doude Doets-Van Haute


Thanks for the fantastic contribution

The jazz combo that we had arranged at the very last minute via the Jazz Central turned out to be the biggest success factor of our party, and really a precious memory. The Jazz Centrale was able to give us a fantastic duo sax and keys in less than a week for a reasonable price. Exactly that made the evening truly unforgettable: live, jazzy, atmosphere, swing: our party was complete, the guests impressed, feet off the floor, the atmosphere fantastic. Thank you!! And of course; heartily recommended!

Birre Yazar-Whale

Other events and parties

Very positive

Both me and the organizing parties, Maarsen Groep and NautaDutilh, are very positive about your musical contribution to the unveiling of FIRST Rotterdam.

Oscar de grave

De Grave marketing & communication

Business event

Worth repeating

I want to thank you again for taking care of good jazz music on the festive evening, this is definitely worth repeating.

Guido van der plag


Other events and parties