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Jazz Centrale Live Lounge Project

Popular pop and dance songs, featuring smooth electronic beats, impeccable vocals and groovy bass and guitar, yet only two musicians or, optionally, expanded with percussion and saxophone for more diversity in sound. That is what the exclusive Live Lounge Project from the Jazz Central offers! Perfect for a trendy wedding or fittable as relaxed amusement at your classy corporate event.


All our line-ups, including these, are COVID-19 proof. We can take care of our performance with at least 1,5 m distance!


Recommended line-up

SaraLee + jazz guitar + rhythm tracks

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Check availability 

You were amazing!

You were amazing - it made the party complete! Very friendly musicians, lovely atmosphere. We loved the music, even the real music lovers among us were impressed. Thank you!


Business event

Thoroughly enjoyed the great performance of the Live Lounge Project.

Thoroughly enjoyed the great performance of the Live Lounge Project. Really something different!! Absolutely recommended! Clear and personal approach by the Jazz Central during the booking process.




Really important! Listen to our demos with headphones or good speakers!

Small speakers such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop can not possibly display the deep rich sound of the beautiful double bass, sousaphone or tuba. That is why it is so important to listen with headphones or good speakers!  

Be careful: risk of rhythmic moving! 

Turn your phone to landscape to hear the music in stereo!

Video clip

Overview of the repertoire


Well-known pop and dance songs

Our fantastic vocalist SaraLee and guitarist Lucas are the key players of the Jazz Central Live Lounge Project. They jazz up wel-known pop and dance songs, but they also enjoy performing modern jazz hits by by artists like Gregory Porter. This sets a lovely lounge mood.

A duo, sounding like a complete band

In this duo with vocals and guitar , singer SaraLee and guitarist Lucas work with so-called 'live loops' on the computer. With the computer, Lucas records the bass tracks that he plays live on his guitar. Immediately, rhythm tracks are added to. SaraLee sings her vocals on the spot, creating a unique layer of music. The music is built up layer by layer, and this results in amazing groovy lounge and dance hits.  This clever method makes this duo sounds like a complete band!   Your guests will be fascinated by the use of the laptop during the live performance. It is truly a nice eye catcher in every way.

Expandable with saxophone and percussion

The Jazz Centrale's Live Lounge Project can be supplemented with even more variety in sound  with percussion and / or saxophone (as on the video above), both for tasteful background music as for the dancing audience.

Pleasant for every generation

The music of this duo is pleasant to listen to, appealing to the younger generations because it is familiar music, and wonderful for the older generations because everything is played with passion for the jazz style. The volume is - as with all ours line-ups - always very well suited to the situation: never too loud but always tastefully present.

For background music and dance parties

This versatile project lets you explore different styles: from chilled-out lounge tunes for a laid-back atmosphere to upbeat beats and dance hits for a lively party.

Practical information

Required Surface

Depending on the amount of artists that will come and play, we need about 6 to 8 square meters.

Playing time

The Live Lounge Project can play up to 3 x 45 minutes. For such a lenghty performance, we recommended to adding percussion and saxophone, in order to bring more variation to the music. We can also do shorter show, of course!

Why the Jazz Centrale?

  • More than 300 gigs per year
  • A team of enthusiastic professionals
  • Kars carefully selected all musicians
  • Always volume on background music
  • We play throughout the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Well-dressed musicians
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • We provide equipment and instruments
  • 100% certainty that we actually show up

Let Kars advise you!

"As a professional jazz musician and founder of the Jazz Centrale I am able to advise you like no other, based on real practical experience. With more than 10 years of experience and many hundreds of performances at receptions, weddings and business events, I have experienced every single situation already, so I am happy to advise you from my broad experience.

Call me immediately on  + 31 6 24 75 29 71. Or send me a whatsapp here "