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Live funeral music:
A jazz band at the funeral, cremation or funeral service of your loved one

The funeral service, funeral or cremation of your loved one becomes unforgettable when live jazz is heard.

A jazz band from "De Jazz Centrale" - put together entirely by yourself - creates a serene atmosphere and a worthy farewell, in which there is room for memories and emotions.

""De Jazz Centrale" has turned out to be a perfect match for us for both a cheerful event and a modest farewell. Flexible, human and professional!"

- Jack, Jef & Steffi Berben — Funeral drink in Brasschaet Castle

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At "De Jazz Centrale" are you assured of:

  • Very experienced, professional jazz musicians
  • A particularly respectful presence in a ceremony or funeral service
  • 100% guarantee on a full replacement in the event of a musician's failure
  • 100% guarantee that we will arrive on time
  • 100% guarantee that the performance will be perfect
  • Neatly groomed appearance and suitable clothing
  • Custom jazz band, completely according to your preferences
  • Includes all necessary tools and equipment

We are at your service and can act for you throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Our most booked jazz bands

You can rent a jazz band with us in all kinds of compositions. This way we can fully meet your wishes.

All musicians are of the highest professional level and have a lot of experience with live performances.

Saxophone Jazz Quartet

The most complete jazz band, known from old masters such as Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis. From modest to exuberant — everything is possible in consultation.

Jazz Trio with saxophone

The warm and appealing sound of the world's most famous jazz instrument, accompanied by the warm sounds of piano and the beautiful bass of the double bass.

Mobile jazz trio with saxophone

The warm sound of saxophone accompanied by a guitarist and double bass. This one line-up is reasonably mobile and can occur during the ceremony and afterwards at the grave.

Dixieland band with 3-5 musicians

Experience Dixieland during the funeral of your loved one. The style that is also used in New Orleans at funerals. Can be hired with 3, 4 or 5 musicians

""De Jazz Centrale" came to me via Instagram, in the night from Saturday 10 December to Sunday 11 December when I was watching over my father. On Saturday 17 December it has trio played three songs at the Catholic mass on the occasion of my father's funeral. The communication beforehand went smoothly, the 3 gentlemen were indeed generous on time, no stress. And most importantly: during the mass, the music was subdued and beautiful and led to connection. And later, in the cemetery, in the afternoon sun, the sounds warmly met us, despite the cold that froze the fingers and strings. Marco, Arnold and Laurens, directed by Kars: Thank you! Only positive, no discord."

-Cecile Andringa
A jazz band during a Catholic funeral service

We regularly provide live jazz as a musical accompaniment to a Catholic or Protestant funeral service.

Why live music with a Jazz Band in?

Our live jazz music creates a serene atmosphere in which memories and emotions can find a place. A live jazz band at the funeral ceremony underlines the dignified and respectful atmosphere.

You can choose from a wide repertoire of all famous jazz songs; moving ballads, beautiful light swing and melancholic blues and gospel. But of course also traditionals like Take Five or New Orleans traditionals as Just a Closer Walk with Tea. And for the enthusiasts we can even play cheerful styles like boogy woogy. Everything in consultation, everything appropriate.

"The beautiful subdued melancholic jazz during the farewell service has made the ceremony an intensely beautiful memory for my father."

- Birre Yazar - Whale 

"I miss the old one but with such a closing...I will never forget it. And many present (many elderly, Dad was almost 94 years old) have already said...I want it like that...something special."

- Hilda van Spronsen


Your loved one undoubtedly had several favorite songs. We often get the request to play the following songs. Of course we also like to play other request songs.

  • Red Roses for a Blue Lady (20 's swing)
  • Body and soul (standard)
  • Take five (dave brubeck)
  • The rose (bette midler)
  • Oh when the saints (traditional)
  • What a wonderful world (louis armstrong)
  • So what (miles davis)
  • Powder Your Face With Sunshine (20 's swing)
  • Song for my father (horace silver)
  • Just a Closer Walk With Tea (New Orleans traditional)
  • Boogy woogy style songs
  • ... and everything else you wish!
"We were warmly touched by the beautiful New Orleans jazz sounds during my father's farewell. The drum solo for my father touched my soul. Thank you!"

- Simone Schreiber

When does the Jazz Band in play?

We can perform during funeral ceremonies at the cemetery or in the cremation center. We can also provide music during the Catholic or Protestant funeral service.

We would like to give you an impression of the possibilities:

We play at the entry from you and the others present. This immediately creates a warm, intimate atmosphere. You and your guests can easily get used to the ceremonial. During the ceremony we play between the various contributions. Speeches, songs or reflections are thus given an appropriate setting.

It is particularly atmospheric when the jazz band plays while you and your guests have a drink final farewell bring to your loved one. While the music sounds, everyone gives their thoughts and emotions a place.

About us

Of course you don't want to run any risk on such a special occasion as the funeral of your loved one.

Bee "De Jazz Centrale" are you assured of very experienced professional musicians. That's why you can rest assured "De Jazz Centrale" provide the musical accompaniment. Due to the large team we always have last-minute musicians available. In addition, you are insured of a full-fledged substitute in case a musician suddenly drops out.

In addition to performances at funerals, we provide the musical accompaniment for business drinks and private matters.

A Jazz Band in at the reception

More and more often a funeral is closed by jointly raise a glass. When you have that framed with live jazz, the sad day is ended in a suitable atmosphere. You can speak to anyone in a casual setting.

Of course we can also provide live jazz at another location, for example in a nearby catering facility. We then adjust the repertoire, so that there is a more relaxed atmosphere arises.

Request numbers

If your loved one loved to listen to jazz, then you undoubtedly have request numbers. We have a large repertoire and are happy to meet your wishes.

Your certainties

  • Representative and frequent musicians
  • Musicians who arrive well in time
  • Musicians with a broad repertoire of hundreds of jazz songs
  • Musicians who can very well estimate which music is appropriate
  • Musicians who manage their instruments well and can play very softly
"Unforgettable was also the saxophonist who had walked before the funeral procession to the grave, and received us there with atmospheric, serene jazz sounds. The atmospheric music deeply moved us, and with us all the guests present."

- Michel Blom

How can we help you?

Thank you. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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Call Kars for direct advice and information

+31 85 4010 560

Or send a Whatsapp message

Daytime and evening | For the Netherlands & Belgium