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Bekijk snel onze unieke arrangementen tijdens COVID-19

Hire a jazz band
during the lockdown?

Surprise someone with a performance by a jazz band at the door in the driveway, sidewalk or in the front yard.

It is sad not to be able to celebrate the birthday or wedding party of your parents or grandparents together. What could be better than to surprise them with a performance by a live jazz band?

Just at their home on the sidewalk, in the driveway or in the front yard.
Of course with the prescribed social distance .

We can take care of this for you! Across the Netherlands and Belgium.
And now also very competitively priced.
In this way we help each other through this difficult period.

Live jazz - the best gift even during the lockdown!

Wat een sfeer, deze mannen maken niet alleen hun muzikale belofte waar, maar voelen ook precies de juiste sfeer aan die nodig is om het feest compleet te maken. Het verrassingsoptreden (Piano en Bas) voor de 90e verjaardag van mijn jazzverslaafde vader was voor hem en mij onvergetelijk! Ik beveel het team van Kars iedereen van harte aan en ga hen bij een volgend gelegenheid zeker opnieuw uitnodigen!

- Edwin van Kempen


Ons allround jazz duo op een lockdown suprise party. Uiteraard met de voorgeschreven social distancing.

Which jazz bands can you hire?

De meeste klanten kiezen voor een duo of een solo-artiest. Een grotere bezetting is ook mogelijk!

Solo musici en jazz duo's

We houden natuurlijk rekening met het verbod op 'samenscholing'. Dat betekent dat we sowieso met twee musici kunnen optreden. We houden daarbij de voorgeschreven afstand in acht. Dat is voor ons optreden geen enkel probleem.

U kunt kiezen uit een solo muzikant, zoals een pianist, gitarist, trompettist of saxofonist. Een pianist neemt een eigen elektronische piano mee op accu. Of u kiest een van onze swingende jazz duo's. Hieronder vindt u veel geboekte opties.

Mobile jazz bands for the greatest surprise effect

If you choose one of our mobile jazz bands, we can suddenly emerge. A great fun surprise effect!

If you choose a band that not is mobile, we need some time to prepare the instruments and equipment. But that is also interesting for many people and it builds up the tension.

Wenst u een grotere jazzband?

Dat kan ook! We kunnen ook in een grotere bezetting optreden. Het is dan wel noodzakelijk dat we onderling voldoende afstand kunnen houden (een grote tuin of binnenplaats is dan prima), en u dient ervoor te zorgen dat er geen toeloop is van buitenstaanders, zodat er geen samenscholing plaatsvindt.

Choose your Jazz Band in or vinyl DJ  

Our most popular duos

All instruments and equipment can be connected to our mobile battery, making us independent of power supply. Very safe! A line-up with piano gives a valuable extra dynamism compared to line-ups without piano.

Our mobile line-ups

Create an extra big surprise by suddenly making our musicians pop up. With our mobile instruments it is possible to start playing immediately, without having to connect equipment first!

Our solo artists

A short 'serenade' from one of our solo artists is also possible.

Het piano + saxofoon jazz duo met de klassieker Take Five

How are things in practice?

During the corona crisis, we are usually hired for a short appearance of 15 to 60 minutes. We can then surprise your loved one with a selection of our very best jazz classics! The repertoire can of course be adapted to your specific wishes.

After our arrival we will prepare the instruments and equipment, after which we can start performing.

With our mobile line-ups (see above) it is possible to start playing immediately, if you want to use us as a real surprise!

Of course we do everything we can to make the necessary social distance to preserve.

  • We are completely self-sufficient, also in terms of power supply.
  • So we don't have to enter your house, even for a power outlet.
  • We can perform outside on the sidewalk, garden or on the terrace without any problems. Of course it must be dry.
  • Our music is powerful enough to be audible, even outdoors.
  • We always keep sufficient distance. To each other and to you as the client. And of course to those we perform for.

We play everywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, western part of Germany and beyond

We travel long distances without problems. And we also have local teams in many places, so we save on travel costs.
We perform everywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and western Germany.

Welcome to "my" Jazz Centrale!

"My name is Kars Veling, founder and bandleader of the Jazz Central project, and I am going to help you create a very professional jazz band for your wedding, party or business event.

The concept is truly unique  — you determine the size of the jazz band yourself and you choose which instruments you want in the jazz band.

All musicians in my team are full-time musicians and specialized in background music. I have carefully selected them so that you can count on the absolute top of the jazz scene! "

Who are we?

the Jazz Central was founded by Kars Veling, our pianist and business leader who has put together a fantastic team of the very best jazz professionals over the years.

Because our musicians live throughout the country, we can be of service anywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and western Germany! We all have many years of experience in taking care of live performances, and you will hear and see that immediately!

We offer:

  • the best professionals from the Dutch jazz world
  • professional approach
  • very quick responses to your request
  • personal approach