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Memorable musical accompaniment during the funeral of your loved one
Active in the Netherlands and Belgium
Funeral music with live jazz band

Live funeral music:
A jazz band at the funeral service, funeral or cremation of your loved one

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The funeral service, funeral or cremation of your loved one becomes unforgettable when live jazz is heard.

A jazz band from the Jazz Central - put together entirely by yourself - creates a serene atmosphere and a worthy farewell, in which there is room for memories and emotions.

"For us, the Jazz Central has proved to be a perfect match for both a cheerful event and a modest farewell: flexible, human and professional!"

- Jack, Jef & Steffi Berben - Uitvaartborrel in Kasteel van Brasschaet

What can you expect from us?

  • Jazz bands for funeral or cremation
  • You determine the line-up of the strap
  • You get subdued, atmospheric music at very low volume
  • We are all very experienced, professional and representative musicians
  • We can be of service throughout the Netherlands and Belgium
  • We provide all necessary equipment and instruments

We are at your service and can act for you throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Why live music with a Jazz Band in?

Our live jazz music creates an atmosphere in which peace and emotions can be given a place. A live Jazz Band in at the funeral ceremony underlines the dignified and respectful atmosphere.

You can choose from a wide repertoire; moving ballads, beautiful light swing and melancholic blues and gospel. But of course also traditionals like Take Five or Red Roses for a Blue lady.

"The beautiful subdued melancholic jazz during the farewell service has made the ceremony an intensely beautiful memory for my father."

- Birre Yazar - Whale  

"I miss that old man, but with such a conclusion ... I will never forget it again. And many attendees (many elderly, dad was almost 94 years) have already said ... I want it that way ... what special. "

- Hilda van Spronsen

Choose your jazz band