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A Jazz Band in or jazz DJ at your garden party

Are you throwing a garden party this summer? With a jazz combo such as a jazz duo or jazz trio of the Jazz Centrale you can finish your garden party! Or consider our jazz DJ for vintage soul, funk and jazz.

"Welkom bij de Jazz Centrale! Wij gaan zorgen voor een team van de allerbeste jazzmusici uit de jazz scène op uw tuinfeest!

Ik sta uiteraard voor u klaar met advies, gebaseerd op vele honderden tuinfeesten!"

- Kars Veling, pianist en oprichter van de Jazz Centrale

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A Jazz Band in your garden

With all line-ups that you can hire from us, it is possible to play outside. Provided we are sufficiently protected against sun, rain and wind, it is no problem to play outside. Because all our instruments are portable (including our digital piano), it is very easy to set up the Jazz Band in outside. Your garden party will be completely complete!

Why the Jazz Central?

  • Pleasant unamplified volume;
  • Several line-ups , for every budget;
  • Professional musicians (conservatory);
  • Big team: performance always goes on;
  • Enthusiastic and well-cared musicians;
  • Requires little space.
  • Fast professional responses to mail and telephone;
  • Pleasant unamplified volume;
  • We meet our agreements;
  • No anonymous booking agency, but direct contact;
  • More than 500 gigs in the last 5 years.

How much space do we take?

The space that we occupy depends on the line-up that you book.
A duo often only occupies 1-2 m2. A trio with drums and piano takes up a little more space: approximately 2 by 3,5 m. line-ups play on very little surface.

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Reviews by our clients

Do not hesitate and book!

"We have booked a jazz trio for a garden party, really TOP! From the sound-check I already knew it, this will be good! Extraordinary reactions received during the party Everyone was wildly enthusiastic Even the" Ihounietvan jazz "people were perplexed.

Do not doubt and book! "

Herman Roobroeck
Herman Desserts
Garden party in Gistel, Belgium
Makes it complete

"My in-laws loved it.   You've got those older people dancing   and that completes the party. "

Family De Boer
A real party

"Everything was certainly to your liking! You were much better than expected! Good vocals too.   Because of you it really became a party.   We have received a lot of positive reactions from party guests. Thank you very much for your service! "

Geert and Anneloes Schouten
Many positive reactions

"Was great, a lot of positive feedback, nice music that does not bother conversing. Was also good to see that you had visible pleasure in playing. Thank you and maybe see you soon. "

Hans Bloem
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