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A jazz band at your home

"You can at the Jazz Central hire a jazz band for your party at home. Are you celebrating your birthday? Or another celebration? Every party is a success with a live jazz combo! We can work with almost any line-up perform in your living room at home!"

- Kars Veling, founder of the Jazz Central

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Why the Jazz Central?

  • Pleasant unamplified volume;
  • Several compositions , for every budget;
  • Professional musicians (conservatory);
  • Big team: performance always goes on;
  • Enthusiastic and well-cared musicians;
  • Requires little space.
  • Fast professional responses to mail and telephone;
  • Pleasant unamplified volume;
  • We meet our agreements;
  • No anonymous booking agency, but direct contact;
  • More than 500 gigs in the last 5 years.

How much space do we take?

The space that we occupy depends on the line-up that you book.
A duo often only occupies 1-2 m2. A trio with drums and piano takes up a little more space: approximately 2 by 3,5 m. line-ups play on very little surface.

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Reviews by our clients


"I really enjoyed the living room concert during my birthday party. A huge thank you to Eline, Kars and Hugo. You are the best.

Leo Baks
Makes it complete

"My in-laws loved it.   You've got those older people dancing   and that completes the party. "

Family De Boer
A real party

"Everything was certainly to your liking! You were much better than expected! Good vocals too.   Because of you it really became a party.   We have received a lot of positive reactions from party guests. Thank you very much for your service! "

Geert and Anneloes Schouten
Many positive reactions

"Was great, a lot of positive feedback, nice music that does not bother conversing. Was also good to see that you had visible pleasure in playing. Thank you and maybe see you soon. "

Hans Bloem
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