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Take a look at our  COVID-19 arrangements!

In the event of a musician's illness, we guarantee a 100% full replacement

Live stream jazz concert
for your online corporate event
or online private party

Book a virtual private concert of one of our jazz bands during your online corporate event, for your private party or as a surprise for someone else. An online performance, streamed live in high quality to your colleagues or to your online party!

From our studio in Rotterdam we stream a live online private concert to your online party or event, so that you can still enjoy a live jazz concert despite COVID-19!

We take care of all technology and ensure perfect streaming to all known platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Youtube or Jitsy.

"Celebrating my online birthday party with friends and family from all over the world, the Jazz Central brought us live music so we listened and danced and drank and had a great time. Wonderful music, Kars :) "

- Gaia, Brussels

Choose your Jazz Band in or vinyl DJ  

This is how an online performance works

What is the line-up of the jazz band?

You can choose from all line-ups on our website, with or without singer or singer.

What does a live stream cost

Go to our rates page For more information. Would you like to discuss options directly? Start a conversation with Kars directly via Whatsapp.

What's the regular duration of a livestream performance?

Everything is of course in consultation, but usually we are booked as a special act during an online company event or for giving a short concert during an online private party. In general, a performance lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Other times are of course also possible in consultation.

Via which platforms do you broadcast?

We can live stream via all well-known platforms such as ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Jitsy and so on. We do prefer Google Hangouts though, because this platform guarantees the best music quality by far.

One of our jazz duos plays during a live stream. We provide adequate equipment and lighting.

Is it possible to interact with the musicians?

Hell yes! We can tell a little about ourselves, about the music we play and we can even request songs as long as it is jazz.

Are there any special technical requirements?

We strongly recommend that everyone listen with a headphones. This is much, many times better for the music quality and it also prevents 'feedback' (high beeps, everyone who meets online knows it ...) There are no special requirements.

Choose your Jazz Band in or vinyl DJ  

Welcome to "my" Jazz Centrale!

"My name is Kars Veling, founder and bandleader of the Jazz Centralproject. I'm going to help you with a very professional jazz band for your wedding, party or business event.

The concept is really unique—you determine the size of the jazz band yourself and you choose which instruments you want in the jazz band.

All musicians in my team are full time musician and specialized in background music. I have carefully selected them so that you can count on the absolute top of the jazz scene!"

Who are we?

The Jazz Central was founded by Kars Veling, our pianist and business leader who has assembled a fantastic team of the very best jazz professionals over the years.

You also opt for the quality of highly experienced professionals for an online private concert.

We offer:

  • the best professionals from the Dutch jazz world
  • professional approach
  • very quick responses to your request
  • personal approach