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Wij zijn 100% gespecialiseerd in jazz.

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Welcome to "my" Jazz Centrale!

"My name is Kars Veling, founder and bandleader of the Jazz Central project.
With us you will find a very professional jazz band for your wedding, party or business event.

The concept is quite unique: you determine the size of the jazz band yourself and you choose which instruments you want in the jazz band.

All musicians in my team are full-time musicians and specialize in background music. I have carefully selected them so that you can count on the absolute top of the jazz scene! "

Determine the composition yourself

Our way of working is unique: you decide which instruments and possibly singer or singer will perform. This way we can do something for you in every budget and location space.

How about a small and modest jazz duo or a classical jazz trio. Or a larger jazz band with a singer or singer, extended with saxophone. Everything is possible!

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For which occasions?

Bij de Jazz Centrale kunt u eenvoudig een achtergrondmuziek jazz combo boeken voor uw feest, receptie of event! U zult zien dat een jazzbandje huren helemaal niet spannend, ingewikkeld of enorm duur hoeft te zijn! U boekt bij ons een jazz duo, jazz trio, of andere bezetting.

We spelen overal in Nederland, België en daarbuiten

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Zonder problemen reizen wij grote afstanden. En bovendien hebben we op veel plaatsen lokale teams, zodat we besparen op reiskosten.
We treden op overal in Nederland, België, Luxemburg en het westen van Duitsland.

Guaranteed quality and security

Keurmerk trade association NTBO
Final place at the Dutch Wedding Awards 2015
"Best Wedding Musician 2015"
Final place at the Dutch Wedding Awards 2012
"Best entertainment company 2012"

For whom?

At the Jazz Centrale you can book a jazz band for background music on, for example:

  • your wedding
  • a business opening
  • a christmas dinner
  • your birthday
  • your wedding anniversary
  • and so on!

Why a jazz band?

Met het inhuren van een live Jazz band voor uw feest of evenement in Rheden, wordt succes bijna gegarandeerd!

A live jazz band from the Jazz Centrale plays jazz music that:

  • elegant, classic, atmospheric, developed and intimate;
  • attractive to all ages and demographic groups of guests;
  • suitable for both background and foreground;
  • can be adjusted to virtually any budget;
  • to hear the best music in history. From the Great American Songbook to bossa nova from Brazil!

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Who are we?

The Jazz Centrale was founded by Kars Veling, our pianist and business leader who has formed a fantastic team of the best jazz professionals over the years.

Because our musicians live throughout the country, we can be of service anywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and western Germany! We all have many years of experience in taking care of live performances, and you will hear and see that immediately!

You are always assured of

  • the best professionals from the Dutch jazz world
  • professional approach
  • very quick responses to your request
  • personal approach, because only one point of contact!

Feestlocaties in Rheden

In de afgelopen jaren hebben wij al op heel wat feestlocaties in Rheden en omgeving een jazzband verzorgd. Laat u hier insprireren, en wie weet hebben wij al op de locatie van uw keuze in Rheden gespeeld. In dat geval kunnen wij u met nog meer ervaring adviseren over de juiste invulling van jazzband of DJ.

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