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De Jazz Centrale levert met meer dan 300 boekingen per jaar de meeste jazzbands op bruiloft, receptie, verjaardag en zakelijk event.

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Welcome to "my" Jazz Centrale!

"My name is Kars Veling, founder and bandleader of the Jazz Central project, and I am going to help you create a very professional jazz band for your wedding, party or business event.

The concept is truly unique  — you determine the size of the jazz band yourself and you choose which instruments you want in the jazz band.

All musicians in my team are full-time musicians and specialized in background music. I have carefully selected them so that you can count on the absolute top of the jazz scene! "

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For whom?

At the Jazz Centrale you can easily book a background music jazz combo for your party, reception or event! Hiring a jazz band is not complicated or enormously expensive at all! You book with us a jazz duo, jazz trio, or other line-up.

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Feestlocaties in Brussel

In de afgelopen jaren hebben wij al op heel wat feestlocaties in Brussel en omgeving een jazzband verzorgd. Laat u hier insprireren, en wie weet hebben wij al op de locatie van uw keuze in Brussel gespeeld. In dat geval kunnen wij u met nog meer ervaring adviseren over de juiste invulling van jazzband of DJ.

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