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In the event of a musician's illness, we guarantee a 100% full replacement

A Jazz Band in or jazz DJ during your New Year's event

With New Year's Eve you can pamper your guests. With a stylish ambiance, delicious food and of course fantastic music. With a live Jazz Band in or jazz DJ from the Jazz Central you can start a sublime beginning of the new year. Stylish, professional and at a pleasant volume.

Jazz music creates atmosphere and ambiance

On your   New Year's Eve event   a Jazz Band in or jazz DJ of the Jazz Central is the perfect musical accompaniment! Our jazz music brings atmosphere and cosiness to this important festive end of the old year.

Music is indispensable to create a relaxed and atmospheric ambience. A jazz band also provides a unique spectacle, so that your guests have something to watch if they do not have a conversation partner for a moment. In line-up with our jazz DJ this creates a stylish evening that your guests will talk about for a long time.

Adapted to the situation

Our music at your New Year's event is always adapted to the situation. The volume is modest, so that your guests can converse with each other in a relaxed manner. We also choose the repertoire in such a way that this yields accessible music - also for the non-jazz connoisseur!

We take care of everything

  • You only have to provide one thing, and that's a power outlet. We take care of all other equipment and instruments ourselves.
  • You are assured of music at a very high level. Your guests will certainly be impressed.
  • If a musician suddenly falls ill, we can always use an equally good replacement.

Performances throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

A tailored Jazz Band in for every situation

the Jazz Central works according to a unique concept.
You can own the line-up determine the Jazz Band in. Of course we can advise you very well and independently from many years of experience. This way we always find one in consultation line-up which is ideal for your specific situation. That way, the music is never too emphatically present, and you also do not invest more than necessary.

Various jazz bands, for every budget

Because you can rent everything from us, from a small jazz duo to a larger Jazz Band in, we can be of service to you with almost all realistic budgets.

For every budget and for every volume.

Jazz DJ for extra pit and volume

Our jazz DJ runs a unique collection of vintage gramophone records. Speaking of style! The best jazz, funk, soul and a touch of disco pass by. This is a fantastic addition to the use of a Jazz Band in. For example, you can let your guests enjoy professional live jazz before the turn of the year, and close the night after the fireworks with the best of the 50 's, 60' s, 70 's and 80 's. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the modest volume, the stylish and high-quality music and the great look of a DJ who is still a DJ.

Listen to an impression of the playlist of the jazz DJ:

Why hire the Jazz Central?

  • Professional and highly experienced musicians;
  • Several compositions , for every budget;
  • 100% certainty that the performance continues;
  • All equipment is provided by us;
  • Always a Jazz Band in that suits your situation;
  • Smooth handling of your application.

Need advice? Call us!

Feel free to call us about your specific wishes and plans. We can often provide a lot of useful tips from our great experience.

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