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In the event of a musician's illness, we guarantee a 100% full replacement

A jazz band or vinyl DJ at your New Year's reception

Immediately a relaxed atmosphere with professional live music

Immediately create a pleasant and attractive atmosphere at the New Year's reception of your company or local authority. Our jazz professionals are capable of playing jazz music that is accessible to a wide audience and is pleasant to listen to. The volume is always adapted to the situation, so never too hard.

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Performances throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

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"For a number of years, the city of Huizen has been booking the Jazz Centrale for its New Year's reception, and last week the trio provided excellent musical support, nice guests, good music, thanks again!"

Cees de Vreede
New Years reception Municipality of Huizen

A tailored Jazz Band in for every situation

the Jazz Central works according to a unique concept.
You can own the line-up determine the Jazz Band in. Of course we can advise you very well and independently from many years of experience. This way we always find one in consultation line-up which is ideal for your specific situation. That way, the music is never too emphatically present, and you also do not invest more than necessary.

Various jazz bands, for every budget

Because you can rent everything from us, from a small jazz duo to a larger Jazz Band in, we can be of service to you with almost all realistic budgets.

For every budget and for every volume.

Why the Jazz Central switch?

  • Professional and highly experienced musicians;
  • Several compositions , for every budget;
  • 100% certainty that the performance continues;
  • All equipment is provided by us;
  • Always a Jazz Band in that suits your situation;
  • Smooth handling of your application;
  • Swinging and cheerful jazz repertoire

Need advice? Call us!

Feel free to call us about your specific wishes and plans. We can often provide a lot of useful tips from our great experience.

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"We were really pleased with the performance yesterday, the performance was professional and the musicians took the opportunity and the acoustics into account."

Karen Meijer  
New year reception Gemeente Muiden
"Our entrepreneurs have visibly enjoyed your performance during our New Year's reception of January 2012. Nice, swinging music and fully attuned to the atmosphere, not dominating, but still present, highly recommended! Congratulations to the band members because of UNIZO-Limburg."

Jo Vannitsem
UNIZO-Limburg (Hasselt, Belgium)
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