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Cases and success stories of the Jazz Central

For your company, the Jazz Central is your perfect partner in professional entertainment. Our unique way of working ensures you of professional, very special and appealing live entertainment at your carefully planned event.

Many companies appealed to the enthusiastic jazz professionals from our team. Because of our unique way of working with a large team of jazz professionals, we are the only ones in the Netherlands and Belgium able to provide bookings that require many jazz bands at the same time, or which cover a longer period. Easy for you, because you have only one point of contact, who takes care of everything for you!

Below you can read more about the major assignments that we have provided. Be inspired and convinced of the exceptional quality of the Jazz Central!

SONY Professional uses jazz trios from the Jazz Central as live décor

Client: D = 3 Exhibition Design
September 2013
10 jazz trios in 5 days

Every year, the International Broadcast Conference is held at the RAI. A huge exhibition where video professionals from all over the world come to learn about the latest in studio cameras, recording and video editing. For years, market leader SONY has had one of the largest stands that fills a complete exhibition hall.Jazz trios of the Jazz Central function in 2013 as a live setting, so that guests can try the professional (and very expensive) cameras from SONY in lifelike (concert) situations. The big advantage of live music at the SONY stand is that the atmospheric music generates extra traffic to the stand.

For five days, the Jazz Central provides two jazz trios every day, which pay off in shifts and provide guests with appealing decor.

A standing ovation of SONY's exhibition team (about 35 man) to the musicians during the closing of the fair testifies to the great success of the jazz professionals of the Jazz Centrale.


  • Full-continuous music for 5 days in a row
  • Deployment of 2 jazz trios per day
  • Take care of wing rent and all other equipment

Old Amsterdam claims the cocktail moment

45 bookings
march - June 2013

In a two-month campaign, the rebranding of Old Amsterdam cheese has to take shape. Old Amsterdam uses field marketing agency Veldmark BV to appeal to the professional and large team at the Jazz Central.
For two months, two jazz bands must be performed every Friday and Saturday, spread over two cities across the country.

A mobile jazz duo from the Jazz Central supervises the Old Amsterdam promotion team, equipped with cheese cubes, flyers and campaign material, and thus visits 10 grand cafés per evening. More than 200 cafés are visited in two months, where you can enjoy a block of cheese and fifteen minutes of genuine live jazz. Cared for by the Jazz Centrale team on site!

At the same time, another jazz duo plays elsewhere in the country in the foyer of theaters at the end of the main performance. While one enjoys the show, one gets a block of Old Amsterdam from the promotion team, and one enjoys swinging live jazz, provided by the Jazz Centrale.

At the end of the campaign, 5 likers on Facebook are treated to 5 fully catered drinks, including drinks band.

The campaign is a great success. The Jazz Centrale supplies a total of around 45 jazz bands, in various compositions and in great flexibility.


  • Deployment of two jazz bands on Friday and Saturday, during 2 months
  • Creative use of mobile Jazz Band in that has to go along with the promotion team
  • Extremely complex planning
  • Deployment of a large part of the Jazz Central team

Despite the great complexity of this assignment, the team at the Jazz Central succeeded in making a successful contribution to the rebranding campaign of Old Amsterdam.

BEAUTÉ Prestige International -  
New York style live jazz during product celebrations Narciso Rodriguez

7 bookings in two weeks
March 2013

The event boat Pure-Liner is in March 2013 the fantastic location for the product celebrations of the perfume brand Narciso Rodriguez.

In seven evenings in two weeks, the Pure-Liner sails past large cities in Belgium and the Netherlands, where all Narciso Rodriguez perfumes can celebrate the success of the perfume.

The nights get to radiate the atmosphere of New York, the home of the Rogriguez. What fits better than a live Jazz Band in from the Jazz Central with singer Eline.


  • For seven days in two weeks time a large Jazz Band in with the same jazz singer.
  • Locations throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • the Jazz Central immediately had to create a specific "New York" style.
  • the Jazz Central immediately had to create a specific "New York" style.

The performances of the Jazz Central went flawlessly, to the great pleasure of the client, Dimitri Weber who was responsible for the concept and realization of the events.

Nestlé Professional - A jazz duo at the exhibition stand

3 days of continuous live jazz
March 2013

The Food Fair in Leuven is an important event for Nestlé Professional in the year to book orders. In the large and very attractively decorated exhibition stand, the Jazz Central will provide live jazz for three consecutive days with a swinging jazz duo of grand piano and double bass, while visitors and customers will discuss Nestlé's account managers about their wishes. While live jazz sounds throughout the day, the most delicious snacks are prepared à la minute at the exhibition stand.

By using this concept with live jazz, a large number of extra visitors are attracted to the cozy sounds. After all, these can be heard all over the exhibition floor!


  • Live jazz for three consecutive days, during the entire trading day (09:30 - 17:00 hours).
  • Take care of the rent of a professional grand piano
  • Even if there is no live performance, the Jazz Central provides atmospheric jazz background music about the professional music installation that is provided.

The exhibition days are a great success for Nestlé Professional. The organization of live jazz music has run smoothly and has been performed to the satisfaction of the Jazz Central.

ING Bank - Live jazz during investor masterclasses

15 bookings in two weeks
December 2011

In two weeks' time, ING Bank gives master classes throughout the country to private investors. Place of action: the ING affiliates in the various cities. After the interested parties have attended a solid masterclass, the closing drinks will be framed by a small jazz duo from the Jazz Central. The Jazz Centrale will deliver two jazz duos that will perform at two different locations at the same time.


  • Two weeks long, following 3 days per week.
  • Two straps at the same time throughout the Netherlands.
  • Construction must be done immediately after the presentation. The musicians have only 5 minutes of time.

Obviously this job for the Jazz Central was no problem at all! Because of our large team it was possible to have two jazz bands play at the same time. The build-up could also take place within a few minutes, so that guests could enjoy live jazz during the drinks almost immediately.
By using this concept with live jazz, a large number of extra visitors are attracted to the cozy sounds. After all, these can be heard all over the exhibition floor!

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