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Vintage jazz band in Great Gatsby Roaring '20s style

The roaring twenties revive! Swinging jazz in the style of The Great Gatsby, the world-famous movie with nostalgic atmosphere from the '20, with jazz, whiskey, champagne, cigars and gangsters. Experience this exciting atmosphere yourself with this unique jazz band from the Jazz Centrale! Also suitable for acoustic outdoor performances!


All our line-ups, including these, are COVID-19 proof. We can take care of our performance with at least 1,5 m distance!

You know the repertoire from:

  • Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, Catharine Russel
  • Caro Emerald, Nina Simone
  • ... and many other greats from history!

  • View our repertoire!


Recommended line-up

Vintage vocalist + swing band

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Check availability 

A great choice

For a grand dinner with "Great Gatsby" theme we were looking for a suitable musical setting. We found that at the Jazz Centrale . After clear consultation and advice, we decided to book singer Mylene and five musicians. A great choice! Mylene and her group have a limitless range of songs, sense the mood and occasions well, and can handle anything. From ambient music to creating a party, in this case a "Great Gatsby party", they are up for it. Mylene and the accompanying artists are all top-notch musicians and easily adjust to the situations. Great for hosts and hostesses because they take care of everything themselves. A superb, enjoyable and exceptional musical backdrop for all guests. The Jazz Central can do much more, anything is possible, looking forward to the next party!

Aad cooper


Music invited to dance

The roaring twenties evening of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra with the screening of the film The Artist was framed by the authentic sounding Jazz Band. The music invited to dance. It became a stylish conclusion to a stylish evening.

Maren slieker

Other events and parties


Really important! Listen to our demos with headphones or good speakers!

Small speakers such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop can not possibly display the deep rich sound of the beautiful double bass, sousaphone or tuba. That is why it is so important to listen with headphones or good speakers!  

Be careful: risk of rhythmic moving! 

Turn your phone to landscape to hear the music in stereo!

Video clip

Overzicht van het repertoire


Experience the Roaring '20s

This unique group's charm and tunes will transport you to the wistful mood of the 20's of the last century. You picture yourself in a steamy nightspot with crimson velvet, bubbly and bourbon ...

The group has a distinctive retro vibe and with the mellow voice and personality of vocalist Mylène, they deliver their music with wit and liveliness. The repertoire of this special group is influenced by swing from the '20s, fiery gipsy jazz, but also sentimental ballads which you will remind you of Billie Holiday.


Possible line-ups

The standard set-up of this retro Jazz Band consists of our vocalist Mylène, a groovy guitarist and the sturdy double bass. This small trio will bring a rich sound and upbeat repertoire. It is also possible to opt for piano instead of guitar.

Moreover, it is possible to enlarge the Jazz Band in with various intriguing instruments. For bigger parties or events it works well to include a groovy drummer or great trumpet player.

In essence, the options are limitless. Let us guide you free of charge! We have already encountered so many situations. We are more than happy to advise you based on your description of your event!


Suitable for acoustic outdoor performances

This band is fit for outdoor shows where no power is available. With the acoustic instruments and a small mobile amplifier on battery, this is possible set-up function entirely without electricity. Perfect for your outdoor wedding or garden party!


Lindyhop, the immensely popular jazz dance

The repertoire of this special retro Jazz Band is perfect for "Lindy hop", the currently very popular swing dance that emerged in the '20 years of the previous century. Nowadays many Lindyhop workshops are given at weddings and business events. What could be better than practicing the newly learned dance moves to the live music of this retro jazz band? It is possible if you book this special set-up for your valuable party or event.

Why the Jazz Centrale?

  • More than 300 gigs per year
  • A team of enthusiastic professionals
  • Kars carefully selected all musicians
  • Always volume on background music
  • We play throughout the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Well-dressed musicians
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • We provide equipment and instruments
  • 100% certainty that we actually show up

What a service and what a sound

Thanks to the Jazz Central, our Christmas dinner has become a very pleasant party. What a beautiful voice Mylene has! Amazing! Thank you very much. University of Twente ICTS

Josee wesseleer


Let Kars advise you!

"As a professional jazz musician and founder of the Jazz Centrale I am able to advise you like no other, based on real practical experience. With more than 10 years of experience and many hundreds of performances at receptions, weddings and business events, I have experienced every single situation already, so I am happy to advise you from my broad experience.

Call me immediately on  + 31 6 24 75 29 71. Or send me a whatsapp here "