Memorable musical accompaniment during the funeral of your loved one
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Het was een geweldig!

Het afscheid van mama op 23 January was precies zoals zij het wilde! De Jazz Centrale heeft ervoor gezorgd dat haar muziek en nummers die zij zelf heeft gezongen haar laatste reis onvergetelijk hebben gemaakt. Het was geweldig! Thanks again Let the music play!

Hilda Spronsen

Den Haag

Extremely satisfied

Extremely satisfied with the funeral accompaniment and qualities of the musicians - afterwards also received positive feedback from some of those present and the question of how / where we had discovered you.

Jan the Great


It was an unforgettable farewell to my father

The great music of the Jazz Central has helped him to start his last journey in his own way. We enjoyed the wonderful tenor saxophone, the double bass and the keys. My father, a musician and saxophonist, wanted it this way. Music was his First Love ... it was unforgettable! I miss that old one but with such a conclusion ... I will never forget it again. And many people in attendance (many elderly people, daddy was almost 94 years old) have already said ... I want it too ... something special. Thanks again for the beautiful conclusion of his musical life!

Hilda of sprays

Den Haag

Hit my soul

We are warmly impressed by the beautiful No Orleans Jazz sounds during the farewell of my father. The drum solo for my father touched me on my soul. Thank you!

Simone schreiber


Beautiful and respectful farewell

The contribution of the Jazz Central has ensured that my father's funeral was a nice and respectful farewell. We fully took into account our wishes. The interpretation of the Jazz Band in was not only appreciated by us, the family, but also by many friends and acquaintances. The communication between Kars and us went very smoothly and professionally. Thanks again.

Karine stevens


Very worthy and professional

When our grandmother died, we wanted to give her a nice goodbye. She was an avid jazz lover, which is why we would rather have live music than a CD. Kars was the one who immediately advised on the line-up of the band, gave a price indication and was We have selected songs that matched the stories of speakers and were favorite of grandma. The schedule has been executed precisely and Kars has ensured a very worthy and professional interpretation of the songs with his ensemble. This made it an exceptionally beautiful experience. Highly recommended!

Coen sample


Just praise

The funeral of my father, Herman Blom, a huge jazz lover, has been very memorable thanks to the use of a jazz trio from the Jazz Central. The trio - consisting of piano, double bass and saxophone - knew how to musically frame the previous drink in a moving way. Unforgettable was also the saxophonist who went to the grave for the funeral procession, and received us there with atmospheric, serene jazz sounds. The atmospheric music has moved us deeply, and with all the guests present. Point by point some aspects that remain with us: Good clear communication, from the first orientation meeting to the performance. Clear experience in this industry. Fine proposal of what to expect. Very appropriate played music and volume. Did not take the show but paid homage to the deceased and the family. Correct business handling. Very flexible in the wishes. Very cared people and clothing. Punctually on time. True musicians! Kars, thanks to this for the musical decoration and of course for all the above mentioned points!

Michel blom

Alphen aan den Rijn

It had to be human. It had to be real.

I had the task of arranging a Jazz Band in for the cremation of my uncle. The cremation had to be a reflection of who my uncle was: calm, warm, friendly, relaxed and a great lover of jazz music. Death is already experienced as heavy, so we wanted to bring air and heat into the whole by letting a band come instead of turning off CDs. It had to be human. It had to be real. Soon I ended up on the website of De Jazz Centrale and sought contact. Kars Veling has always been friendly and professional to our word. He made suggestions and took into account our wishes. On the day itself everything went according to the book. The band members have also shown themselves professionals here; quiet and respectful. They automatically merged into the whole. We could not have wished for better music. They have felt exactly what atmosphere we wanted to put down. It offered comfort to all those present. It was complete. It's been over 2 years ago, but people still talk about the band that was present during the farewell service.

Nancy heart


Unforgettable goodbye to my father, a great jazz lover.

Can the farewell of a loved one really be unforgettable? Yes, that's possible! We asked the Jazz Central to play, according to the wishes of my father, Ben Webster and New Orleans Jazz, on his farewell. He liked that very much. The beautiful subdued melancholic jazz during the farewell service has made the ceremony an intensely beautiful memory for my father. The Jazz Centrale provided modest and atmospheric jazz during the cremation ceremony and lively and comforting jazz during the farewell reception. My father would have thought it a wonderful farewell. All attendees were deeply moved and impressed by the music. We could not wish for a nicer farewell; it was as if my father was there, the music brought him in .......

Birre Yazar-Whale


I look back with a smile

On behalf of my family and my mother very much thanks to your musical presence It was a heavy time and only now realize how intense it has been last weeks / months. We look back on a very nice reserve year with our father. It was a beautiful man, loving and caring. Despite his illness, he tried to keep everything under control and he shared a lot with us. Likewise his love for jazz music ;-) My / our thanks is also great that you have put it very nicely. We have entrusted this to you in full confidence and you have made it happen !! Dad did not want a sad funeral, he did not stand in life. He enjoyed life. The music matched the songs he had chosen for the funeral (Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong). During the funeral between the speakers you played beautiful songs. A special moment was that you went ahead with music to his grave. Arrived there in a nice subdued way said goodbye. During the condolence you were present in the background and we received many nice comments on how this particular funeral was due to your presence and music but above all the beautiful farewell of a special man, our father as he was. Sure I still have grief, but look back with a smile to this beautiful musical memory. Thank you!

Monique yesen