Memorable musical accompaniment during the funeral of your loved one
Active in the Netherlands and Belgium


When does the Jazz Band in play?

Of course you decide when our Jazz Band in plays. We would like to give you an impression of the possibilities:

We play at the arrival of you and your guests. This immediately gives a warm, intimate atmosphere. You and your guests can get used to the ceremonial. During the ceremony we play between the various contributions. Speeches, songs or contemplations are thus given an appropriate framework.

It is particularly atmospheric when the jazz band plays while you and your guests give a final greeting to your loved one. While the music sounds, everyone gives their thoughts and emotions a place.

About us

Of course you do not want to take any risks on such a special occasion as the funeral of your loved one.

That is why you can let the Jazz Central take care of the musical setting with peace of mind. The Jazz Centrale is the initiative of Kars Veling, our business leader and pianist. We have been active for many years and during that time we have provided more than 1500 performances. Our team consists of only highly experienced professional musicians. You can be 100% certain of highly reliable professionals.

In addition to performances on funerals, we provide the musical setting for business meetings and private affairs.

A Jazz Band in at the reception

More and more often a funeral is concluded by lifting the glass together. When you leave that framed with live jazz, the sad day ends in an appropriate atmosphere. You can speak to anyone in a casual setting.

Of course we can also provide live jazz at a different location, for example in a nearby catering facility. We then adapt the repertoire to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Request numbers

If your loved one liked to listen to jazz, then you undoubtedly have request numbers. We have a large repertoire and are happy to meet your wishes.

Your certainties

  • Representative and frequent musicians
  • Musicians who arrive well in time
  • Musicians with a broad repertoire of hundreds of jazz songs
  • Musicians who can very well estimate which music is appropriate
  • Musicians who manage their instruments well and can play very softly

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