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Experience the atmosphere of authentic vinyl

Vinyl DJ | Jazz DJ with vintage gramophone records

Het beste van jazz, funk, soul, hiphop en R&B, gedraaid van authentieke grammofoonplaten. Al dan niet gecombineerd met een live bandje, geeft onze vinyl DJ een unieke klasse en sfeer aan uw bruiloft, feest of zakelijk event.


All our line-ups, including these, are COVID-19 proof. We can take care of our performance with at least 1,5 m distance!


Aanbevolen samenstelling

DJ with gramophone records

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Greatly appreciated!

The music was greatly appreciated by our guests, it was therefore a good choice and especially a good performance of the pieces of music that you had chosen. At our first "meeting" we have already been able to value you, so we immediately thought of you for this occasion. You were also very impressed by those responsible for the restaurant. We have therefore allowed ourselves to send them the link to your website.

Dietlinde van den driessche

Business event

You were fantastic

You were fantastic - it finished the party! Very sympathetic colleagues - nice setting. We really enjoyed the music, even the real music lovers among us were impressed. Thank you!


Business event

Watch and listen

Really important! Listen to our demos with headphones or good speakers!

Small speakers such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop can not possibly display the deep rich sound of the beautiful double bass, sousaphone or tuba. That is why it is so important to listen with headphones or good speakers!  

Be careful: risk of rhythmic moving! 


Video clip

Overview of the repertoire


Craft musical accompaniment

Are you looking for stoneware musical accompaniment for your business event, your wedding or private party and you want to be able to effortlessly converse with your guests, but also have the opportunity to have a good time to dance

Zoek niet verder! De vintage vinyl DJ van de Jazz Centrale vormt de ultieme sfeermaker op uw aangelegenheid. Met het beste van jazz, soul en funk uit de 60's-70's-80's— en indien gewenst een uitstap naar hedendaagse hiphop, R&B en house en dat gedraaid van authentieke grammofoonplaten—is onze vinyl DJ al jarenlang een groot succes op kleine en grote evenementen. De ambachtelijke draaikwaliteiten van onze vinyl DJ vormen een spectaculair element tijdens uw event of feest.

Cultured volume

One of the most important features of our vinyl DJ is that he plays music on civilized volume† You don't have to converse with a loud voice, because our DJ adapts the volume very well to the situation. At low volume when necessary, and nicely present when the situation demands and permits it.

The best music from pure vinyl

Our vinyl DJ only plays stand-alone, so not in line-up immediately saxophonist† That way the music comes into its own — his repertoire doesn't need such an addition either.

You sometimes see a saxophonist playing with a DJ, but that is more of an 'all-round' DJ. In that case the DJ runs a loose beat or a certain mix which offers room for solo work.

Bee the Jazz Central we believe that our vinyl DJ with a beautiful collection gramophone records the ultimate look and character offers.

The music that our vinyl DJs bring on vinyl is not downloaded from the internet in an instant, but is the result of years of research and collecting rage† Every LP or single has a story

But apart from the presentation and the story it is ultimately about the sound. In that respect, the quality of vinyl is still undisputedly the most beautiful, with the exception of a few.

How can you book our vinyl DJ?

The unique character of a performance by our jazz DJ can be dressed in various ways in your wedding or event.

  1. If solo DJ who provides music for several hours;
  2. As a DJ who in line-up fill a program of several hours with one of our jazz bands;
  3. If spectacular closing of your party, after one of our jazz bands has performed;

1. Solo vinyl DJ performance

Of course you can hire our jazz DJ as a "stand-alone" act. He then spins the best jazz, funk and soul of gramophone records for a number of hours (often three hours, but other times are also possible).

During your wedding, our jazz & soul DJ running a whole party in this way. Nice in the beginning Calm and a little more in the background, but as the evening progresses, he will put you and your guests on the dance floor and increase the volume to a limited extent, and at the same time adjust the repertoire in such a way that a swinging party is being created.

2. Live Jazz Band in in line-up with our vinyl DJ

Would you like to complete a live performance by one of our jazz bands? Then it is of course the most beautiful as before, afterwards and in the breaks the music is provided by our vinyl DJ. In this way, the music and the atmosphere merge beautifully, without the atmosphere being interrupted too much when the jazz band pauses. In this way, for example, we can completely putting together an arrangement of a number of hours, in which the DJ complements the jazz band excellently.

3. Closing act after a live performance

A third frequently booked arrangement is the use of a live jazz band for a number of hours—for example during a dinner—after which our vintage vinyl DJ takes over and your guests dancing and end the day swinging. This way you benefit from the best of both worlds: the beautiful appearance of a live band, and also the spunk and dynamics of the vinyl DJ.

Genres, style and repertoire

Onze jazz DJ put voornamelijk uit de rijke jaren '60 en '70, die op het gebied van soul en funk véél, zo niet álles te bieden hebben. Ter afwisseling en ter aanvulling klinkt er tussendoor jazz en latin uit de 50'er jaren en komt er af en toe een nummer uit de “eighties” voorbij. In de latere uurtjes zijn uitstapjes naar hedendaagse artiesten met hiphop, R&B en house ook een aantrekkelijke optie!

What is needed?

There are not many requirements for the use of our vinyl DJ. One outlet is actually sufficient.

We take along modest but atmospheric lighting and, if necessary, provide loudspeakers, turntables and other equipment so that you can concentrate on other things.

The surface that our jazz DJ needs is very modest. With about 2 at 2 meters we can be pretty good, but of course also take into account a possible dance floor!

Where do we travel and perform?

Our jazz DJs can perform anywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, western Germany and Luxembourg.

Why the Jazz Central?

  • More than 300 gigs per year
  • A team of enthusiastic professionals
  • Kars carefully selected all musicians
  • Always volume on background music
  • We play throughout the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Well-dressed clothing
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • We provide equipment and instruments
  • 100% certainty that we actually come

A big success

The Jazz DJ was a great success. The atmosphere felt good and played great diversity in jazz music. Not only the music was well organized, the organization around it is great. Switch quickly and easily. Compliment to Jazz Centrale and the DJ!

Joost baker


All right

Everything went well, the jazz DJ was all right.

David vanden bossche

Other events and parties

Great compliment

A big compliment for the DJ. We had a fantastic wedding and the DJ had a big share in that. Fine music, good construction, the evening went very naturally. Thank you very much!

Roloef davids


Music and volume appropriate

At our celebration of 100 + Green gas / earthing stations, the DJ felt good about what music (and volume) was appropriate. He created a good atmosphere during our drink. We can definitely recommend the DJ.

Green gas mobile

Business event


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Let Kars advise you!

"As a professional jazz musician and founder of the Jazz Central I am able to advise you like no other, based on real practical experience. With more than 10 years of experience and many hundreds of performances at receptions, weddings and business events, I have everything have already experienced it once, so I am happy to advise you from my broad experience.

Call me directly +31 6 24 75 29 71. Or send me here a whatsapp"