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The highest quality jazz musicians for fair rates

We are not the cheapest jazz band - you can find them on the many collection sites that can be found via Google. But we are not the most expensive either - for that you must be at full-service event agencies.
We offer an optimal price / quality ratio. Honest advice from real full-time musicians, full certainty and fantastic jazz professionals at fair rates.

'You can call me directly for a precise price indication, or you fill in your application below and I will try to send you a quote within two hours on working days, or an honest and thorough advice for your specific situation. The choice is yours. "

- Kars
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Please note: unfortunately we cannot accept fictitious applications for school assignments!


What happens next?


On the basis of the information entered I can draw up a quotation for you. Or I call you first to discuss the exact wishes. Often you have the quotation on the working days within 2,5 hours in the mail! Sometimes even faster.


- Kars