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Rent a jazz combo?

Welcome to the Jazz Centrale!  
With us you can hire a professional jazz combo for you
party, wedding or business event.

very experienced professionals

   always own instruments and equipment

  always a full backup if a musician is ill

  we work throughout the Netherlands and Belgium

At a time when many parties and events are filled with music from impersonal spotify playlists, it is a relief to get somewhere where a chic jazz combo fills the atmosphere with pleasant jazz, swing, bossa nova and groovy funk.

Our jazz combos are hired hundreds of times a year on the most diverse occasions. From small intimate home parties to prestigious corporate events.

And the beauty is: with us you determine the size and shape of the jazz combo yourself. From small duo to large swing band, with or without a singer or singer.

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Jazz combo piano and double bass
You can hire our jazz combos throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and beyond!

You can hire a jazz band throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond.

We travel without problems throughout the country, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

In addition, we work with various local teams of jazz professionals, so that we can also keep travel costs to a minimum! In this way you really only pay for the fantastic quality of the musicians in the jazz bands, and not for the time they are in a traffic jam.

Where can you rent a jazz combo?

At the Jazz Centrale you can easily rent a combo for your party, reception or event! You will see that hiring a jazz combo does not have to be exciting or complicated at all!

We take care of everything and provide a very good jazz band on your occasion.

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Why jazz?

By hiring a jazz combo every event or party becomes a success. Music is an incredibly important atmosphere maker and we are very experienced to be your right musical touch to provide.

A jazz combo from the Jazz Centrale plays jazz music that:

  • elegant, classic, atmospheric, accessible and sophisticated;
  • attractive for all ages and types of guests;
  • suitable for both background and foreground;
  • can be adjusted to virtually any budget;
  • music among the best of the music history. From the Great American Songbook to bossa nova from Brazil!
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