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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about a booking at the Jazz Central.

You will find the following chapters below:

  • About the Jazz Central
  • Place a booking
  • Practical questions about the performance
  • Questions regarding the payment
  • Five reasons to book at the Jazz Central

About the Jazz Central

Question - Is the Jazz Central a booking agency?
Answer   - No. A booking agency offers you autonomous, existing, fixed straps. At the Jazz Central, an experienced Jazz Band in is formed especially for your performance by professional, highly educated jazz musicians from our team, completely in line with your wishes. A sax? A singer there? You say so, we take care of it. In this way we have been doing it for more than 10 years and have already provided more than 1500 performances in the Netherlands, Belgium and West Germany!
Question - Are all musicians professionals?
Answer   - Absolutely! We are all professional, well-trained jazz musicians. All musicians have a completed conservatory education.
Question - How much experience do the musicians have?
Answer   - Quality is number one with us. We do not work with "semi-professionals" or "enthusiastic amateurs". We are professional musicians who have made music their profession. All musicians of the Jazz Central have years of experience. Many of our musicians have their own teaching practice, often play in various other bands, and perform almost daily.
Question - How big is the Jazz Central team?
Answer   - the Jazz Central team consists of many jazz professionals. Often, new musicians are added to the team. This way teams in the Randstad, Groningen, and Limburg work so that we can take care of a performance for you throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and West Germany!
Question - Do not you have to rehearse?
Answer   - Professional jazz musicians all speak the same musical "language". We learned that at the conservatory. This means that our musicians can play together directly. the Jazz Central is based on this principle. In the vast majority of the performances, musicians play together, who have also played with each other much more often. The spontaneity in our game is just one of the aspects that makes it so fun for us to play together. A performance never gets boring, and every time is different! For you this means a team of enthusiastic musicians who really enjoy playing.
Question - Who coordinates everything and plans everything?
Answer   - the Jazz Central is the initiative of our pianist Kars Veling. All coordination and planning is done by him. He is also your point of contact in the preparations for your performance. We work punctually and conscientiously. This means that you receive quick responses to your e-mails, and that Kars always calls back on voicemails. Because the planning and organization is done by one person, the chance of mistakes in planning and appointments is minimal. So you do not have to worry that appointments will not be implemented, and that your booked tire will not show up!
Question - Can you give a price indication?
Answer   - Yes, via our rates page you have several options to get an idea of ​​our rates - if necessary within 1 minutes!

Place a booking

Question - On what occasions do you play?
Answer   - Actually everywhere. Think of:
  • Weddings
  • Garden parties
  • Wedding receptions
  • Business receptions
  • Promotion drinks
  • Business openings
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • High tea
  • Tour boats
  • In short, almost everywhere. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities for your party or event.
Question - Can I still book you for tomorrow or next week?
Answer   - Hell yes! Has your other bond been canceled? Did you think your colleague would arrange the Jazz Band in? the Jazz Central specializes in last-minute bookings because of our unique way of working! Contact us as soon as possible (preferably by phone) or request your offer immediately.
Question - Can I listen to music fragments?
Answer   - Hell yes! You can listen to photos, videos and music fragments of almost all line-ups that we can compile. Are you listening on a laptop? Keep in mind that the sound quality is usually not that bad. You better listen with good speakers or headphones.
Question - I have one line-up in thoughts that are not listed ...
Answer   - We can do almost any line-up assemble for you, even if it is not listed. Keep in mind that not every line-up equally suitable for every situation. If you e-mail us or (preferably) call us, we can consult directly and see what is best in our experience. After all, we have a lot of experience!
Question - How far do you wish to travel?
Answer   - the Jazz Central performs throughout the Netherlands, in Belgium, Luxembourg and in West Germany. Musicians are traditionally used to traveling long distances, so that is no problem for us. We have visited many hundreds of places, locations and castles, and that number is only growing. View our range.

Practical questions about the performance

Question - Only unrestricted music can be played on our location. Can we hire you then?
Answer   - Almost certainly yes! Usually, amplified music refers to pop and rock bands with immeasurably more noise than a Jazz Band in, or DJs that come in with huge speakers. None of that at the Jazz Central. Our music is on a professional, unrestricted level and can therefore always be used at such locations.
Question - Should we rent something for you?
Answer   - No, in principle we are completely self-sufficient for halls of about 200 square meters and up to about 300 man. We also take along a (digital) piano ourselves if necessary. It is possible to rent a real piano through the Jazz Central. We can offer you very attractive prices. It is also very nice when we are on a podium (pje); then we are just a bit more visible. You can not rent this through us. If it is a very large room, or there are a lot of people (300 +), then it is advisable to rent extra reinforcement and light through a light and sound rental company.
Question - What time do you arrive?
Answer   - We always try to be present at least 1 hours in advance. That is generally more than sufficient to catch up with traffic jams and to build up our equipment. If we are delayed, we will inform you as well as possible.
Question - How long do you need to build up?
Answer   - We reserve 1 hours for the construction. If necessary, we can build up within 15 minutes. However, that is not very comfortable for us, which is why we spend an hour earlier. Also to be able to catch up with possible delays in traffic.
Question - How are you dressed?
Answer   - We always dress representative. You can choose whether you want us to be dressed in neat casual clothes, or for example in suit or tuxedo.
Question - Do you provide music during the break?
Answer   - Most of the time! Would you like to discuss your wishes with us in advance.
Question - Are you taking light with you?
Answer   - Yes! Good lighting is often necessary in our experience. We have a small light set that we usually draw up. In this way the Jazz Band in is better placed in view, because otherwise you could just as well have set up a CD. But few other jazz bands want or can offer you this service. All jazz bands of the Jazz Central are live jazz bands. We do not provide all sorts of fancy strobes, smoke machines, LED shows or laser entertainment. We do provide a professional jazz band, and usually a lighting system and a simple but qualitative sound system.
Question - We have request numbers; do you play that?
Answer   - Are you a jazz connoisseur, and do you want us to play a specific jazz song, then you can discuss that with us. We do not play any request numbers that have no common ground with jazz. In principle, we do not accompany any bits or funny intermezzos.
Question - How much space do you need?
Answer   - The space that we occupy is generally limited and depends on the exact line-up that you book. A duo will ask about 2 at 2 meters, a larger one line-up 3 with 4 or maybe 4 with 6. We have already experienced a lot, so do not think that your living room or office space is too small.
Question - Can we dance to your music?
Answer   - Absolutely. Swinging jazz is pre-eminently music to make a dance. It is wise to consult with us beforehand, because one line-up is more suitable for framing your dance party than the other.
Question - Should we take care of food and drinks?
Answer   - We always really appreciate it when a good meal is provided. This also depends on the time of commencement. It is customary that we can use consumptions free of charge and to a reasonable degree.
Question - Can we use your sound system?
Answer   - Yes, in general it is possible to use our sound system. We can make a microphone available to you (for a small surcharge). Please note that the sound system can only be used at times when the musicians are present. Consult with us beforehand.
Question - Can you play even more softly if we ask for it?
Answer   - Absolutely! We are a completely acoustic Jazz Band in, which is why we can play a little softer. Incidentally, it will almost never be necessary to ask for it. We usually feel good about 'how far we can go'. We believe that quality is more important than volume and we believe that pleasant background music contributes much more to a cozy atmosphere than to loud music.
Question - Can you move halfway?
Answer   - That depends on various factors. One line-up is easier to move than the others. In principle, every line-up movable, but at line-ups with a lot of equipment, instruments, cables, etc., we may request a travel allowance. We just don't have any males doing that for us, so we have to lug and sweat ourselves. Please consult us about the possibilities and limitations.
Question - Can you walk through the audience?
Answer   - That is possible, depending on the line-up .
Question - Do you want to play outside?
Answer   - Playing outdoors is usually not a problem in the summer months. We do, however, demand shelter from sun, wind and rain. It is always up to the musicians to decide whether it is safe to play outside. If it is unpredictable, you have to take into account that our equipment and our instruments can not withstand water and are extremely expensive. They can not be entered 1-2- 3. So always in good consultation.

Questions regarding the payment

Question - Do I receive an invoice?
Answer   - All customers (both private and business) receive an invoice from This agency takes care of the invoicing and distribution of the gages for us.
Question - Do I have to pay in advance?
Answer   - We request payment from private individuals no later than 5 days in advance. In case you prefer not to pay in advance, we offer you the possibility to pay the payment afterwards. Companies we offer a payment term of no later than 14 days after receipt of invoice.
Question - What is the account number?
Individuals: The   payment   of the agreed fee, at least 5 business days prior to the date of the performance must be transferred to the next bank account:

IBAN - NL53INGB0005103109
Name "K. Veling"
Entry: " Jazz Central + date of your performance + place "

Businesses can pay the payment using the invoice sent, stating the invoice number.
Question - Is it normal that a "tip" is given?
Answer   - Of course it is completely your own choice to give a tip, and we therefore expect absolutely nothing. Many customers like to give a token of appreciation, in the form of a 'closed envelope'. Of course we appreciate such an extra special. If you want to give us a little extra, we thank you in advance!

Five reasons to book at the Jazz Central

You have been able to read extensively how we work.

We would like to conclude with the five reasons to book at the Jazz Central.

  • Very experienced, professional musicians and organization through more than 200 bookings per year. Absolutely no. 1 in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Musicians are always available, even in emergencies and sudden foreclosure.
  • Swinging (background) jazz on pleasant acoustic volume.
  • Jazz bands and jazz DJ in all sorts compositions ; for every budget and every volume.
  • And finally: absolute top quality of super enthusiastic musicians.
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